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March Three Little Pitties

Take a look at this month’s featured pets from Three Little Pitties (3LP) Rescue! The team at 3LP saves dogs and cats from life on the streets and overcrowded shelters in Texas and matches them with amazing families in the Pacific Northwest. The animals are fully vetted and rehabilitated before heading to their forever homes! The rescue sends a USDA-certified transport twice per month with dogs and cats from Texas all the way up to Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah, and Colorado! All of the animals featured on our site are currentlyliving with pet foster parents in the PNW.

Meet Striker!

Striker is truly the PERFECT PNW companion: he loves to hike, explore, and see the sights alongside his family. A true gentle giant, this tall boy has a shy disposition but loves to take care of his family & share love. Striker is so gentle & considerate in playing with his canine foster siblings (both big & small!), and he especially loves doting on the human kiddos in his family. Striker longs to find a forever home where he can be a part of the pack.

He is just under two years old and being fostered in Tumwater, WA. Schedule your meet and greet now!

To learn more about Striker, click here. To adopt Striker, fill out an adoption application here.


This is Jamie!

Jamie is a big boy with an even bigger heart. He is incredibly loyal, loving, and more than anything, he loves being an embedded part of the family. He loves to spend time with his people, no matter if it's on hiking adventures or watching football on the couch. He is great with other dogs after proper introductions: in fact, once he gets to know his doggie siblings, his favorite thing is to nap back-to-back beside them. Jamie is a sensitive soul who wants to be your right-hand-guy wherever life may take you.

To learn more about Jamie, click here. To adopt Jamie, fill out an adoption application here.


Howdy to Tiny Sophia!

Who knew you could pack so much awesomeness into a cute little 35 pound body?! You read that right! This little cutie is fostered in Snohomish, Washington, and available for adoption. She is a lover of all humans and kiddos but prefers to be the canine princess of the house so that she can soak up all the love. She is a calm cuddler while at home, but don’t get it twisted— this girl loves some adventure! She enjoys being out in the water, sunbathing on a boat, or kayaking. Summer is almost here! Don’t miss out on the perfect pup. She’s a perfect size to take anywhere!

To learn more about Tiny Sophia, click here. To adopt Tiny Sophia, fill out an adoption application here. Occasionally, pets have already been adopted. Please check through Available Pets to find the pet you are interested in.

Photos and bios provided by Three Little Pitties Rescue



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