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Jennifer Wollman Photography

Since the age of sixteen, Jennifer Wollman has been using her skills in photography to follow her passion for animals by volunteering her time to animal rescues and shelters, helping pets find furever homes via beautiful photographs for marketing campaigns. She has even helped socialize animals with her spare time to get them more comfortable with human interaction. Jennifer still volunteers her time to this day to many organizations around Seattle. Some of her favorites include Seattle Humane, Dog Gone Seattle, Greyhound Pets Inc., Pawsitive Alliance, Pasado's Safe Haven and Church of Pug, but the list goes on and on. She also liked to give back to our community through teaching photography to teenagers. This course has been put on hold during COVID, but be on the lookout for its return!

Photo provided by Jennifer Wollman Photography

As an animal lover, Jennifer knows how important and cherished our four-legged children can be, and enjoys a career of capturing that mutual love on camera. She captures picture-perfect moments at some of the most beautiful locations all around the Pacific Northwest. Her next mini-session location is next month (February) at a greenhouse with beautiful vintage glass at Christianson’s Nursery in Mt. Vernon. What a great idea! Her trained eye has earned her a spot on the Giggster list for one of the best pet photographers in Seattle in 2021. Her photos have even been published in Dogs Today Magazine.

Photo provided by Jennifer Wollman Photography

When asked what time of year is her favorite time for gorgeous, lovable photos, her response is always “now.” All of the seasons have something to offer in this beautiful area that we call home, and every day is the right time to capture cherished moments with your pet. That’s right, I said with your pet. Jennifer not only does animal portraits, but also really enjoys taking photos of the whole family with their pup! Her portfolio is truly amazing. But don’t take my word for it. Go and check her out on Facebook, Instagram, or her professional website to see for yourself!

Photo provided by Jennifer Wollman Photography

If you’re interested in greenhouse photos of, or with, your pup, click here to register!

Article by Wendi Black

January 2022

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