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Is Your Pup Up for a Challenge? Try Mind Game of the Month

Product Review: Mind Game of the Month (Subscription Box)

We really liked this subscription box and think it will be a great way to change things up each month!

Mind Game of the Month, a doggie company based in Seattle, Washington, combines toys and games with treats each month. Mojo and I tested out Mind Game of the Month, and we liked it! Doggos love to try new things and explore; this box definitely helped us do that! We couldn’t tell what the exact theme was for this month, since it wasn’t part of the packaging, but we decided to call it: "Fur the Love of the Sea."

Included in this month's box was a bright-red, well-made octopus toy with a head that crinkles when pups bite it, a sniff-and-find board, and two treats: Fish Fingers by GoodChaps and Clam Chowda by Polkadog.


“I really liked the octopus, because I could always find an arm –and share another arm with my hooman and play tug of war . . . and then it was SOOO fun to swing it back and forth, around and around, and then flip it up in the air!”  ~Mojo, 18-month-old Miniature Schnauzer



The sniff-and-find board is taking a bit more time to get the hang of. 

“I’m not real sure how to get the treat out of it and sometimes I get a little frustrated . . . I tend to kick my legs like a bull when I get that way, but my hooman will push the door back and forth to to make sure I see where the food is hidden. I think I’m getting the hang of it. I think my cat cousins may want to try it, and I'll let you know how that goes." -Mojo

It is Seattle Pup Magazine’s policy not to review dog food or treats. We encourage you to check out the Dog Food Advisor's Best Dog Treats 2024 for more information about the best food and treats for your pets.


*For cat hoomans there is a Cat Food Advisor too: Cat Food Reviews and Ratings | Cat Food Advisor 

Written by Tracy L. Stober

Edited by Jen Swanson


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