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Holly Cook Photography

Holly is as dog-centric as it gets. Before becoming a Seattleite, she lived in Michigan, where she was an award-winning dog sitter for 25 years! She also offered professional dog walking and training. Though it was hard to leave her business behind, she was blown away by the pet community of the Pacific Northwest. Seattle’s “barkeries,” shelters, parks, and general acceptance of dogs in most businesses seemed otherworldly at first (Holly said it felt like stepping into the Land of Oz). Holly knew she could make a home of this incredibly dog-friendly city.

Frenchie looking down at camera with MoPop mirror wall in background reflecting the Space Needle

As she explored the area, Holly began capturing the dog community with her camera. She started her own photography business, Holly Cook Photography, in 2015. She offers professional photo sessions for dogs (and their people), plus business and branding photography services! Holly strives to photograph her clients (humans and dogs) in a way that complements their personalities. Holly has a list of recommended locations for photo sessions. She captures the bond shared by people and their pets by highlighting the activities they enjoy together. She really is amazing about digging deep and capturing those personal details. And did we mention she has equipment for water photos as well?!

Cute border collie with head tilted in thought and a blurred water and greenery background

Apart from running her photography business, Holly is very active in Seattle’s pet community. She is a partner of the Limelight Pet Project that helps adoptable pets who need a bit of a boost. She is also a contributor to Seattle Pup Magazine! Though her own pup is shy, Holly can often be found at a dog park, interacting with new pups (and their people) and soaking up the joy of dogs at play.

Golden retrieve catching a frizbee in water (large lake)

Keep up with Holly on Instagram and Facebook, or visit her blog to read about what’s on her mind!

Article by Wendi Black

Edited by K. Sims

Photographs provided by Holly Cook Photography



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