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Bolder K9

Seattle Pup had the pleasure of interviewing Jake from Bolder K9 to learn about the spark that ignited this new dog-product company. Jake and his wife, Catherine, have been on the board of and working with True North GSD Rescue for years and have helped many German shepherds find their forever home. One day, their dog Theobold (sometimes called Theo the Bold) chewed through his leash (as many large breed dogs do) and Jake, instead of just replacing it, wondered how he could fix it, make it stronger.

After fixing the broken leash, Jake did some research about materials that would make a sturdier leash, one that Theo would have a harder time destroying. He came across a material called BioThane. This new leash was able to stand the test of Theo. Since Jake and his wife were working with a rescue all about German shepherds, they decided to start making these leashes for all of the pets being fostered. That way, each dog had something of its own that was durable and they could take with them to their forever homes. They eventually even started including each pet’s name and the rescue logo on each leash for the foster dogs. Such a sweet, unique gesture for the animals under their care that really shows their dedication.

A little over a year after creating these personalized gifts for the dogs, adoptive owners began requesting more of these leashes for their other dogs too. And so, the idea of Bolder K9 was born. Jake and Catherine started making these leashes made from BioThane as well as tug toys with a durable ball attached to a BioThane strap upon request. All proceeds go directly to True North GSD Rescue.

True North GSD Rescue works mainly with German shepherds, but also networks with a variety of other breed specific rescues to share resources, information, and time. They have multiple Certified Canine Behavior Specialists (one of which with 30 years of experience) and all of their animals go through temperament testing with them and with one of their temperament testing dogs (like Theo!). The rescue puts in a lot of effort and has a thorough adoption process to ensure the dogs and people are a good fit.

Providing True North GSD Rescue with a steady donation stream has been the main goal for Bolder K9. After the rapid growth they have experienced, they hope to expand their donation reach to other nonprofit organizations in the future, specifically those involved in dogs helping victims of domestic violence or trafficking as well as veterans. The work they are doing is truly heartwarming and Seattle Pup is in awe of their dedication. So if you love German Shepherd and want to foster or volunteer for True North GDS Rescue, click HERE. Or show your support by getting you pup a cool, handmade leash or toy through Bolder K9!

Founders of Bolder K9 with Theobold the German Shepherd
Jake, Catherine, and Theobold

Article by Wendi Black

July 2022

Photos provided by Bolder K9

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