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A Spooktacular Affair

Beautiful fall leaves decorated the ground at the Park Pups Spooktacular costume party and added to the seasonal, festive decorations so well done by the hosts. As more adorable dogs trickled in with their fun costumes ranging from a rainbow fairy to a minion, the picture perfect moments commenced. The party was Dj’ed with a wonderfully varied selection of music, a little something for everyone to enjoy. For those without fur, hot apple cider and tea were available to keep everybody warm and content while they watched every contestant show off their outfits, skills (there were some seriously impressive dance moves), and history. Though the candy and caramel candy apples were great, the most impressive treat were the handmade baked goods available for the pups. Even those without dogs had a great time watching the adorable fur babies, snacking and socializing, and getting to talk to some of the information stands set up from groups like the Seattle Humane Society.

Photos Provided by the Freeway Park Association

The lucky three prize winners of the event are as follows:

- Scariest costume: Ike the Octopus

- Cutest costume: Maggie the Sleeping Bag

- Best costume: Fox the COVID Safe Minion

Photos provided by the Freeway Park Association

All-in-all, The Park Pup Spooktacular was a blast, and we here at Seattle Pup look forward to going again next year! Thank you Freeway Park Association!

Article by Wendi Black



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