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Daring, Dauntless, DOGS

Breathtaking views and stunning scenery start the long and challenging journey to become a search and rescue dog. IMAX’s motto “Watch a movie or be part of one!" was on full display in Super Power Dogs! This 45-minute excursion follows the lives of Henry, Reef, Tipper, Toni, Ricochet, and numerous others as they use their skills to locate people.

Traveling around the world to witness their fantastic, fur-covered feats, Super Power Dogs does not disappoint.

Superpower Dogs! (IMAX) poster

Riveting videography combined with compelling stories and the science of canine power produces a fine movie that brings you face-to-face with some fantastic pups! We were awestruck!

We loved it and encourage everyone to go see it!

This movie would entertain all ages. We believe kids as young as 5-6 would enjoy the film. It is a movie for the whole family! Plenty of dog and lots of fun!

Super Power Dogs is now in theaters and can be seen in Seattle at the PACIFIC SCIENCE CENTER Boeing IMAX theater (that is the one next to the butterfly garden!)

In celebration of the premier, the Pacific Science Center asked a local search and rescue team to answer questions at the premiere! Did you know we have several search and rescue organizations in Washington State? Check out our "Community Canines" page for a list of these fantastic teams!

Seattle Pup Magazine was excited to meet Wilbur and his human Bob!

Keep an eye out for our SPOTlight on Wilbur and his amazing skills!

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