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Seattle Pup Kids! Rainy Day Activity: Make a Puppy Mask!

It is raining outside and that means it is a great time to make something! Over here at Seattle Pup Magazine we created a doggie mask for our Seattle Pup Kids!

You can become a Seattle Pup!

It is easy to make!

Seattle Pup Mask kids!


  • print out of the Seattle Pup Dog Mask! Click here.

  • art Supplies (Crayons, pencils, markers, paints etc)

  • scissors

  • something to poke a hole with (awl, sharp pencil etc.--adult will need to help you).

  • yarn

  • scotch tape

  • thin cardboard (cereal box)/or print on cardstock


  1. Print out the PDF of the Seattle Pup Mask

  2. Decorate your mask with crayons, markers, paint etc.

  3. Cut out your mask (You may need to ask an adult for help)

  4. Glue your mask on some cardboard from a cereal box (thin cardboard works best).

  5. Let it dry

  6. Cut off the edges of the cardboard. (if you use cardstock paper that works well too!)

  7. Reinforce with tape and poke holes

  8. Tie on yarn

Do you have ideas for the Seattle Pup Kids page? We love hearing from young people!! Please contact us!

You can send an email to:

or you can send a letter/postcard to our mailing address:

Seattle Pup Magazine C/O Brindle Press LLC, 117 E. Louisa Street Ste #737, Seattle, WA 98102


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