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Seattle Pup Halloween Special: Werewolves

All Hallow's Eve is approaching and will fall on the day after the new moon this year, which is good news for those of us who do not want to encounter a werewolf!

Said to be a mix of man and wolf and most active during the night of the full moon, werewolves have been part of our literature since the middle ages if not earlier.

Over here in the Pacific Northwest we are known for our werewolves.

Renown Northwest author, Octavia Butler detailed the lives of werewolves in Fledgling, while the Mercy Thomson series written by Patricia Briggs, another Northwest native, spins a tale of a group of werewolves, and of course the Twilight series focuses on werewolves living in Forks, Washington.

The Twilight Series, the Mercy Thomson series, and Fledgling can all be borrowed from your local library.


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