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Seattle Pup: Ghost Dogs of the Northwest

A prickly sensation overcomes me, and my skin pops with goosebumps. Seriously now . . . what was that? A distant howl floats over the mist; I see a man and his dog walking along the West Seattle Bridge near the beach. "That is nice," I think and then look back and the old man and the dog are gone. Whoa, they couldn't have moved that fast could they? Squinting, I try to make them out in the fog . . . . hold on, my goodness, did I just see a pair of ghosts?

Well I'll be . . . I am not alone.

canine spirits have been spotted racing along cars, walking along beaches with their ghostly owners, and leaving their muddy footprints in the entryway of a Washington hotel.

For more about Northwest ghosts check out Ghost Stories from the Pacific Northwest (American Folklore Series) by Margaret Read MacDonald from your local library!



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