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Seattle Pup: Ghost Dogs of the Northwest

A prickly sensation overcomes me, and my skin pops with goosebumps. Seriously now . . . what was that? A distant howl floats over the mist; I see a man and his dog walking along the West Seattle Bridge near the beach. "That is nice," I think and then look back and the old man and the dog are gone. Whoa, they couldn't have moved that fast could they? Squinting, I try to make them out in the fog . . . . hold on, my goodness, did I just see a pair of ghosts?

Well I'll be . . . I am not alone.

Sighted in West Seattle, Tacoma, Carnation, and Tokeland, Washington and in Portland, Sherwood, Veronia, Oregon City, and Albany, Oregon

canine spirits have been spotted racing along cars, walking along beaches with their ghostly owners, and leaving their muddy footprints in the entryway of a Washington hotel.

For more about Northwest ghosts check out Ghost Stories from the Pacific Northwest (American Folklore Series) by Margaret Read MacDonald from your local library!



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