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Teeth are for Tugging

Just like their human companions, Fido will benefit from a daily dental routine. Gum and mouth health is essential for a long, fun-filled life full of tugging at ropes and chewing. Gum disease is known to cause inflammation and infections, which can limit good health; doing the daily dental thing is best for your dog. Pups are often a bit nervous about having their mouth manipulated so we are providing a few tips to help it go smoothly:

  1. Get your stuff together. Before starting this routine make sure you have all the equipment together in one place.

  2. Doggie toothbrushes are best. Small pups can use a finger brush, while larger dogs require a longer brush. Human toothbrushes are often too rough and aren’t angled properly or long enough to get to the right spots in your pups mouth.

  3. Say yes to chicken flavored toothpaste. Human toothpaste is a no-no. Since your pup won’t be spitting it out, the silica and fluoride in human toothpaste can cause stomach problems. Doggie toothpaste comes in all sorts of doggie flavors. Your pup may end up looking forward to dental time.

  4. Take it easy and don’t rush it. Pick a time that works for both of you. When you have plenty of time to devote to this activity and your pup is not nervous or anxious for another reason. Keep an eye on your pup. If she starts getting stressed, stop. The following day, start where you left off.

If your pup is favoring one side of the mouth while eating or has trouble chewing, there may be something wrong. Annual vet checkups are a great way to get an update on your pup’s dental health.


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