The Dog Days of Summer

Keep cool this summer. Keep an eye out for heat stroke symptoms

  1. Panting

  2. Dehydration

  3. Excessive drooling

  4. Increased body temperature (103F or higher)

During the hot days make sure you pup has access to plenty of fresh water. If outside make sure there is shade available. Exercise is great, but when the temperature is high outside keep exercise to a minimum. If heat is excessive (90 degrees or higher) it is best to stay inside or visit an indoor doggie park that is air conditioned.

NEVER leave your pup in the car even for "just a minute." With the windows cracked a car can easily get to boiling temperatures in minutes. Dogs die of heat stroke and exhaustion each year. In just 10 minutes, a car left out in 70 degree weather will have an internal temperature of 89 degrees. If it is 80 degrees out, the car will be 99 degrees inside. Cracking the window allows for air but doesn’t help reduce heat. For a detailed chart of temperatures and elapsed time visit the American Veterinary Association “Pets in Vehicles”

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