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Old-fashioned typewriter
dog paw print
Old-fashioned paper with type on it.

Dear Lucy,


My human has been acting oddly lately.  It is kinda’ making me nervous.  She doesn’t take me out at regular intervals, should I be concerned?    


Moxy, Capitol Hill 



Dear Moxy,


Yes, I would be concerned about your human if I were you.  You need to be persistent sometimes with humans. They sometimes don’t get the message that you feel best when you know you are safe and have a routine.   Perhaps you should bark a little more, or run in circles near her feet.  Another solution may be to sniff at her shoes while jumping next to the door that leads outside. 
    Wag More! Lucy 


Lucy likes to use a typewriter. Got one?  Believe it or not there is a place to go to get one or get the one you have working! 

Bremerton Office Machine Company!*

dog paw print
Old-fashioned paper with type

 Dear Lucy,


I’ve been having some trouble with my ears of late.  I can’t seem to get at whatever is in them and it is driving me crazy.  I know that my human is concerned, but I can’t tell him what is wrong.  What should I do?


Sabrina, Ballard  


Dear Sabrina,


I totally know what you mean, that can be incredibly  irritating and if you are not careful you could tear into the soft parts around your ear. I know you are probably not  going to like what I have to say, but you probably need to get your ears treated.  There are products out there that may help, or your owner may need to take you <<gasp>> to the vet. Luckily it is usually a quick fix.  


Here’s to listening to the rain on the WOOF!  

Tail Waggin', 


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