Seattle Pup Travel Guide

Got DOG? No problem!  There are a lot of things to do and explore here in the Seattle Metro Area and beyond.  Want to get OUT and RUN around for fun, Seattle Pup has a MAP for that!  Over 60 city-sanctioned  off-leash dog parks are listed in Washington State (more if you count Oregon and BC which we have on our map too)! 


Want to travel without the stress of driving?  Check out the Seattle Pup Magazine "Ride Right with Rover" Transit Guide with pet policy links to all of the area transit solutions including the Washington State Ferries, SeaTac Airport, King County Transit, Sound Transit, Community Transit, Amtrak, the Sounder (which is the train that runs from Seattle to Tacoma), Greyhound and Lyft and Uber.  

Want to get around on your own check out a Zipcar, Reach Now, and Car2Go.  

We also have listed some pup friendly lodging so you don't have to worry about whether Fido is welcome or not.  Several of Seattle's downtown hotels are quite dog-friendly!  Got ideas for where we can stay?  What we can do? Or where we can go?  Contact Seattle Pup!

Ride Right with Rover 

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Pup-Friendly Lodging


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