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King County Metro Bus Stop Art 


Border Collie

Where can we play?

Off-Leash Dog Park Map!

How can we travel?

Ride Right with Rover!

Seattle Pup Transit Guide


Lost and Found Pups

What do we need?

Medical Care

Doberman profile picture

Over here at Seattle Pup we are on point sniffing out more resources.

Have we missed a something?

Please contact us and let us know.

Doberman profile picture

Service Dogs

Information &


Rescue a Pup

Shelters, foster care

Community Canines*

Police K-9s, Conservation Pups

Search & Rescue

Grief and Loss

Support Groups



Non Profits &


Shelters, rescues, off-leash advocacy

Dog food bowl and bone

Where we can stay?

Pup-Friendly Lodging

Military Services

Deployment Dog Services

Service Dog Info

Rescue a Military/Enforcement Pup




Find your pack


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