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Seattle Pup and Brindle Press LLC History

Tracy Stober and her best friend Bubble.

One day in 2016, I was sitting at the Top Pot in Capitol Hill reading a Parent Map looking for ideas for the kids in my  life.  When I looked up I noticed that the cafe was packed!  No kids were in line but there were more dogs parked outside than I had ever noticed before!  I counted 15 pups that day!

That is when it hit me that we needed a map for the fur babies in our lives.  Over the next year I did a lot of research and started compiling a website that would have every resource I could find in one place.  I am continually amazed at the breadth and diversity of the resources available for the canines in our lives.  

After receiving feedback that there would be opportunities for other publications about the animals in our lives, Brindle Press LLC was founded in 2016.  Our intention over here at Seattle Pup is to put together a sister magazine for the kittens in our lives. If you would like to participate in that endeavor please contact us and keep an eye out for another website in the future!

Brindle Press LLC also intends to continue to grow by publishing books and other materials on animals and the environment in which we all live.  

Our mission is to bring the Northwest community together one pup at a time.  

We encourage local area writers, photographers, and artists of all ages to submit their work.  As an avid supporter of positive ways to encourage community involvement all languages are welcome.  If you would like to submit your work please contact us.

As the founder and senior editor of Seattle Pup and CEO of Brindle Press LLC  I would like to showcase the many people who are part of this endeavor.  Without their work we wouldn't be where we are today.   For more details about our team please click here.

I hope that you find what you need and learn new things from Seattle Pup! And of course if you would like to see something on our page we are all ears!

Live. Love. WAG!

Tracy Stober

Senior Editor/CEO

Seattle Pup/Brindle Press LLC

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